Holiday Wine Pairing

Holiday Wine Pairing

With the holiday season swiftly approaching, now is the time when the planning gets serious. Who will be travelling to whose home for the holidays, where will everyone sleep and - most importantly - what will be served for lunch and dinner, and what wines will be enjoyed with these meals? 

Regardless of what you’re cooking up this holiday season, there are plenty of tried-and-true options from our collection of wines that are sure to make for the perfect pairing. From roast turkey to prawns on the barbeque, we have a wine that will work!

Oh, and don’t worry, we didn’t forget about dessert!


Regardless of what’s for lunch or dinner, you’ll need a wine to kick off the day. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to pair with anything - except your company!

Bec Hardy Premium Sparkling NV

Who doesn’t want to be met at the door with a glass of sparkling wine? In addition to being light on its feet, this dry-style sparkling has the perfect balance of citrus, stone fruit, and green apples. It’s so refreshing that no orange juice is needed, though we’ll forgive you if you disagree.

Pair this sparkling with freshly shucked oysters and a Prosecco mignonette!


Entrées are really where you get to have free reign over the party. There are no withstanding traditions, so you can experiment and have fun with it (did someone say, butter board?).

Bec Hardy Adelaide Rosé 2022

Rosé is an all-day affair, not to mention it pairs with just about anything. This is a great wine for a classic roasted turkey dinner, but it works equally as well when paired with light entrees. This rosé in particular offers refreshing citrus and light floral notes that are sure to make those political debates between uncles go by far more smoothly - for you at least!

Pair this rosé with a charcuterie board or prosciutto-wrapped asparagus!


One of the perks of living in Australia is getting to break out the barbeque for Christmas lunch. Luckily for us, plenty of signature Australian wines go perfectly with barbeque, it’s almost like it’s on purpose.

Bec Hardy Village Green McLaren Vale Shiraz 2021

This Shiraz tastes as good outside flipping steaks as it will at the table listening to those classic dad jokes you get year after year. Rich black cherry notes with subtle spice and a youthful finish make this a classic pairing for a host of barbeque dishes.

Pair this Shiraz with grilled steaks or pork chops!

Pertaringa Scarecrow Adelaide Sauvignon Blanc 2021

When it comes to smoke and fire, nothing beats a crisp and zesty Sauvignon Blanc. This quiet giant of a wine alleviates richly spiced dishes while refreshing the palate with vibrant acidity. Drink it to cool off, drink it to relax, drink it to refresh, just drink Sauvignon Blanc.

Pair this Sauvignon Blanc with grilled prawns or grilled salmon!


If traditional turkey is what you’re after, then you’re in luck. No matter which way you slice it, there are plenty of excellent pairings to be made.

Pertaringa Lakeside SA Chardonnay 2022

Whether you love it or hate it, Chardonnay is here to stay. This modern take on a classic wine is rich with beautiful citrus aromas and a balance of crisp green apple and lemon on the palate. Hailed by Ken Gargett as his contender for white wine bargain of the year, we’re fairly certain you’ll understand why after a single sip.

Pair this Chardonnay with classic herb-roasted turkey!

Pertaringa Two Gentlemen's McLaren Vale GSM 2021

Elegant in nature and rich with depth, this wine was rightfully named after the co-founders of Pertaringa, Geoff Hardy and Ian Leask. This lighter-bodied red wine is the perfect choice for die-hard red wine lovers who crave plush red fruit and fine tannins for dinner. This GSM in particular has an exceptional aroma of red fruit and a smooth finish.

Pair this GSM with roast turkey or smoked turkey!


We live on an island surrounded by some of the best seafood in the world. All the more reason to celebrate with fresh seafood for the holiday season.

Bec Hardy Adelaide Pinot Gris 2022

Pinot Gris was made for seafood, with its refreshing acidity and complementary citrus flavors, it’s hard to find a more well-rounded wine to pair with so many seafood dishes. From raw oysters to fried calamari, this Pinot Gris is sure to add essential zest and subtle honeysuckle flavors.

Pair this Pinot Gris with 70s prawn cocktails or calamari with salt and pepper!

Bec Hardy Clare Valley Riesling 2021

This Riesling is the perfect accompaniment to numerous sorts of seafood dishes, not to mention it’s the perfect patio wine that makes lounging poolside so, so much sweeter. This Riesling has a smooth, refreshing acidity laced throughout a palate rich in floral and citrus notes.

Pair this Riesling with ceviche or baked white fish with fresh herbs!


The most important part! Whether you want to pair a dessert with wine, or wine is your preferred dessert, you have options. ‘Tis the holiday season after all, and you deserve it!

Pertaringa Lakeside Moscato 2022

This light and zippy Moscato is the ultimate summer refresher and makes for a fantastic close to the evening. With a gentle fizz and delicate notes of lychee and lavender, it makes for the perfect pairing with lighter desserts or works wonderfully all on its own.

Or try the Ginscato, gin cocktail. Find your own measures of gin, Moscato, fresh lime juice, soda water, and plenty of ice!

Pair this Moscato with strawberries and cream or a passionfruit pavlova!

Pertaringa Rampart McLaren Vale Vintage Fortified 2015

This fortified red is made from Shiraz and Grenache, which offers intense yet supple flavors of chocolate, dark fruits, and plum. As good as this fortified elixir is all by itself, it’s made even better when served alongside chocolate, berries, or blue cheese.

Pair this fortified wine with a trifle or black forest cake! Or break out the cheese board - we’re just spoilt for so many choices in Australia!


Christmas and the holidays are often a great time for pulling out the special bottles. Here are some of our best recommendations that are sure to impress.

Pertaringa Tipsy HIll Single Vineyard Blewitt Springs Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Grown on our single-vineyard vineyard in the Blewitt Springs sub-region of McLaren Vale, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better expression of Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is plush with intense dark fruit and the perfect balance of French oak. With a long, smooth finish, you’ll be thinking about this wine long after it’s gone.

Pair this Cabernet Sauvignon with venison or roast lamb!

Pertaringa Yeoman McLaren Vale Shiraz 2019

This is a wine made only when the vintage and the winemaker allows. Its complexity and layers of concentrated flavour make for an elegant wine you’ll only come across so few times. With dense notes of dark plum, cherry, liquorice and fall spice, this is hands down the perfect holiday Shiraz to share with your family.

Pair this Shiraz with an Ellis King Henry or Tomahawk steak grilled over the Weber coals.


Regardless of what holidays you celebrate, this season is a time to connect, tell stories, laugh, and most importantly, share delicious food and wine. As for us, this Christmas we will follow tradition and spend the day with just the three of us at home at Tipsy Hill. We’ll likely start with oysters and prawns, alongside sparkling, white, or rosé - whatever’s coldest!

After that, we’ll honor Matilda’s new preference for turkey in the Weber, with presents and games sprinkled throughout the day. Undoubtedly, Richard will open a Tipsy Hill Cabernet Sauvignon, regardless if it benefits the turkey!

And all of that is just a warm up to that greatest of days – Day One of the Boxing Day Test!

We hope that however you enjoy your holiday season it’s filled with friends, family, love and laughter and memories that last a lifetime.

Happy holidays!

Bec, Richard & Matilda