Introducing our new LOT94 vineyard

Introducing our new LOT94 vineyard

We’re finally delighted to announce the purchase of an additional vineyard at Lot 94, Blewitt Springs Road!

This 30 acre vineyard is in the renowned sub-region of Blewitt Springs and is planted to Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Chardonnay - and a bonus row of table grapes! The vineyard was planted by my dad, Geoff, for the former owners in 1992. Back then he was trialling a Ramsey rootstock, which has a good drought tolerance, meaning that the vines have always been dry-grown with no irrigation laid on the property. Judicious use of water in the driest state, on the driest continent on earth is something not to be overlooked!

Improving fruit quality, vineyard health, sustainability and biodiversity on these new 30 acres is really important to us. We’ve already begun some work in the vineyard to remove old grafting tape from the vines and remove invasive weeds such as prickly pear. We’ll also be removing some non-native olive trees, willow and almond trees. We have developed a Biodiversity action plan with the help of Landscape SA and have become a planting partner of with McLaren Vale Biodiversity who will help us to grow additional native species around the property in the spring of 2023. We’ll also be introducing bird nesting boxes to provide additional nesting areas for native birds.

These 30 dry-grown acres of vines will secure around a third of our fruit needs each vintage. A further third comes from our principal grower and my cousin-once-removed, John and Helen Hardy from their Lower Tintara Vineyard in Blewitt Springs. This vineyard was originally owned and planted by my great-great-great grandfather, Thomas Hardy, in the 1880s. The final third of our fruit comes from a small cohort of loyal growers, some of whom have been growing for our family for more than a decade and continue to play a vital part in the growth of the Bec Hardy Wines business.

We’ll be hosting some Wine Club events at the new vineyard in 2023 and would love for you to join our Wine Club and be part of the journey!