New pricing on Tipsy Hill and Yeoman

New pricing on Tipsy Hill and Yeoman

The great thing about taking over a business is that you can start making your own decisions, and this often involves revisiting some of the decisions made in the past.

One of the early decisions we made in the lead up to taking over the Pertaringa brand on 1st July 2020 was around the icon wines in this range – the Yeoman Shiraz and the Tipsy Hill Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon. Starting from the release of the 2019 vintages – the first under our Bec Hardy Wines packaging – we committed to reducing the cellar door price to $100 per bottle.

Reflecting on generations of the Hardy family generosity of spirit, one of the central tenets of our business is to provide wines at a great price-to-quality ratio across the entire range. This change to a more reasonable price point means these icon wines are now more accessible to all of our customers - after all, what's the point of making wines if people can't afford to buy them!

From this vintage onwards and as part of a sustainability review of our packaging, we have removed the wooden boxes on these products and reduced the bottle weight as part of an annual 15,600kg reduction in glass across the business.

Our valued Bec Hardy Wine Club members will also enjoy discounted member pricing on these wines, bringing them down to just $80/bottle – delivering even better value!

If you’d like to join the Wine Club, you can email us here and we’ll be in touch.

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