Vintage 2022 wrap up

Vintage 2022 wrap up

Vintage 2022 proved to be a wonderful follow up to the success of 2021. Another long cool growing season allowed for beautiful flavour development across all varieties. The lower temperatures aided in the retention of natural acid and provided perfect opportunity for wines with freshness, terrific depth, amazing colour and long lasting ageability.  It's been a really exciting time!

Vintage in the winery wrapped up in late April but was quickly replaced by bottling season for our 2022 white and rosé wines, so no rest in the cellar just yet!  We are bottling our 2022 Moscato this week and look forward to all these new vintage wines hitting the shelves and your homes soon.

We have made our Rosé from Mourvedre grapes for the first time this year and we're really pleased with the results - the big juicey bunches have resulted in a 'jump out of the glass' wine with a strawberries and cream palate. It's a crisp, dry style that is bound to hit the spot for all our Rosé fans.

The 2022 Pertaringa Lakeside Pinot Noir will be soon to follow, after four months spent in old oak.  We this wine bottle earlier than other red varieties in order to retain the bright red fruit flavours and the medium-bodied freshness that Pinot Noir offers.  Another one to watch out for!

I'll soon turn my attention to the blending of our 2021 red wines as they wrap up their time in oak and prepare them to bottle in a couple of months time​.  Each barrel is individually tasted and allocated for our Pertaringa and Bec Hardy wines.... a tough job, but someone has to do it!


Bec Swincer