Winter update from the Tipsy Hill garden

Winter update from the Tipsy Hill garden

While winter is traditionally a period of dormancy, there’s still plenty of colour in the Tipsy Hill garden – and still plenty of work to do! With any large garden, it’s always a work in progress rather than a finished space.

At the moment, we’re transplanting Russelia equisetiformis (Coral Plant) from the driveway to the northern garden bed.  We’re also transplanting Shasta Daisies from the ‘White Garden’ to the garden bed alongside the driveway, and transplanting Irises and Phormium plants from near the pepper tree and planting them under the pines at the top of the garden, near the driveway.

To add to our kitchen garden, we’re also planting avocado trees in the western garden area. We continue to prune perennial shrubs and groundcovers, and also remove plants from areas that are becoming overcrowded. So plenty to keep us busy!