Summer update from the Tipsy Hill garden

Summer update from the Tipsy Hill garden

The Tipsy Hill garden has been absolutely loving the relatively mild weather and few rain events we’ve had over summer! Everything is growing so quickly, we seem to be mowing the lawns every week and the Privet and Diosma hedges are also requiring regular trims. I’ve also been keeping busy with the 44 topiary balls around the garden that needed to be trimmed every few weeks. This time of year there is plenty of colour around with the roses still flowering (so plenty of deadheading to do), the Bougainvilleas in full flower, as well as Cana Lillies, Lycianthes and Oleanders – just to name a few!

A garden the size of ours produces a lot of green waste. So as we continue to develop a more sustainable garden we purchased a mulcher, which has been fantastic to help recycle what comes off the garden and spread back out as mulch .

The Shasta daisies we moved from the hot eastern bank to a more protected area in the middle of the garden during winter are loving their new position and looking much healthier with an abundance of flowers. The ‘big’ project during our break in January was reinstating the pond that we removed when we first moved in (because of Matilda only being 8 months old) and we have a new addition of nine goldfish that we are loving to watch grow.

Other animals and insects we have seen around the garden include kangaroos, Blue Banded Bees, Eastern Spinebills, Grey Shrike-Thrush, Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoos, White-browed Scrubwrens and our regular visitor, the Red-browed Finch.

We have a number of picnics and garden tours coming up over the next few months, including an offering as part of the Great State Voucher (which will be released in the next few months) as well as our new Premium Picnic Experiences.

I hope to see you around the garden soon!


Bec Hardy