Waiting for your delivery?

Waiting for your delivery?

How’s my delivery progressing?

Getting your wine to you as quickly as possible has always been our priority. Our own internal service standard means that your order normally leaves within two working days of being placed from our McLaren Vale warehouse. Delivery timeframes continue to be impacted by the third COVID-19 infection wave sweeping the country this winter, but couriers are becoming increasingly proficient at handling these pandemic-related challenges.

Where delays are occurring they are localised, immediate and unpredictable as individual courier drivers or warehouse personnel are forced into immediate quarantine. These are thankfully infrequent, but sadly difficult to predict.

I’ve received some of my order but not all of it? Where is the rest?

Our objective is for all orders to be delivered first time, promptly and in full. Online wine orders are usually processed and shipped from our Bec Hardy cellar door within 24-48 hours of being received (excluding weekends). Your wine is usually dispatched together on the same day, but on its way to you the order can sometimes be split in transit.

This can mean that you receive some of your order one day and the remaining wine (usually) within five working days later.

Pre-pandemic split consignments were a hallmark of the Christmas period only. With the surge of volumes associated with the pandemic split consignments are now common and are normally nothing to worry about.

If you have not received the remaining part of your order within five working days, please feel welcome us to contact us (see below).

My tracking has not been updated?

We recognise that tracking of your order is important to provide reassurance what your wine is on its way. At the moment, we are aware that tracking services have also been affected by the pandemic, resulting in sometimes sporadic and delayed tracking updates – and in some extreme cases, the tracking will not even be updated at all prior to delivery.

We know that it can be very frustrating when deliveries are taking longer than usual, and when tracking is not updated or consignments are split. We are working hard to reduce the disruption to a minimum by responding quickly to service interruptions, using alternative service providers and ceasing to use networks in affected regions as we become aware of them. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Why can’t you use a different courier company?

We have been working with three of Australia’s largest and most trusted courier companies for more than a decade – Australia Post, Couriers Please and Aramex. They have helped us deliver tens of thousands of boxes of wine each year to customers all over Australia, and continue to do so during the pandemic, although under increased pressure from the huge surge in online ordering, as well as sporadic service impacts because of the need of drivers or warehouse staff to immediately isolate after positive tests.

That said, you may have a preferred carrier from our three service providers and you should feel very welcome to express any preference of delivery service at the time of ordering – simply add your request to the delivery instructions when checking out. We will make every effort to use your preferred carrier.

As a customer, is there anything I can do to help?

Preferred carrier
If you have a preferred carrier from our three service providers – Australia Post, Couriers Please or Aramex – please let us know in the special delivery instructions at the time of ordering online. We will do our best to use this preferred carrier.

Unattended deliveries
If you have a safe space at your delivery location where your wine can be left without risk, please provide these instructions at the time of ordering online. Contactless deliveries can avoid the frustration of having to organise re-delivery and many customers with secure locations find this option convenient. Please consult our Delivery Policy as there are some risks attached to this. 

First point of contact
While online tracking can sometimes be very helpful, we encourage our customers to contact us directly rather than contacting the courier company with any delivery issues that can’t be resolved online. We have more direct contact channels available to carriers and have experience in what to ask and look for. And most importantly, it saves our customers hitting a frustrating roadblock or experiencing extended response times when trying to contact the courier companies.

If you need help
Thanks again so much for your patience and please feel free contact us if you are experiencing any delivery issues. Give us a call on (08) 8383 2700 or send us an email at hello@bechardy.com.au.


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